On The Level art hanging services provide a comprehensive set of solutions surrounding the installation of art works across the fine art industry.

We specialise in working with major museums, galleries, curators, art collectors, designers and artists.

On The Level can provide any solution from the packing, delivery and installation of art to the construction, design and curation of spaces and exhibitions.

We have an expert and versatile body of art technicians with many years of experience to call upon.  Many have a fine art background, all are practical, problem solving, trustworthy and discreet.

Founder Darren O’Brien studied fine art at St Martin’s and Winchester. Since the 1990’s he has worked with many top museums, galleries, collectors and artists, including:

  • Modern Art Oxford: working on installing shows for Marina Abramovich and Yoko Ono.
  • Oxford Exhibition Services: driving, art handling and installation for institutions such as English Heritage, Royal Academy, National Trust and the Government Art Collection.
  • Other clients include: the Geffrye Museum, the British Library, Frieze Art Fair and Haus de Kunst in Munich.
  • Darren is also the co-director of ASC Gallery in London, where he has since 2010 led the curation and installation of over 30 exhibitions
  • His expertise, dedication and care is the backbone to On The Level.


We provide a broad range of services for whatever requirement or need you may have.

We understand that every art work is different so demands a unique approach. Our technicians come fully equipped with the necessary tools for the job which will cover all eventualities.

Our basic services are provided below, but if you wish to speak to us about something specific not listed here please don’t hesitate to call and we will be happy to help.

The hanging of art works, mirrors and other furnishings.

We can provide and advise on what fixings are suitable for the work and the surface it will hang upon.

Bespoke installation of sculptural works.

Assembly of all types of contemporary and antique art works, often to the artists exacting direction.

We can recommend styles of hanging, such as salon style, the creation of a narrative or we can simply fulfil your most outlandish idea.

We can undertake the soft wrapping of art works to museum standards, as well as organising a variety of crating. All methods of packing and unpacking can be tailored specifically to your budget.

If you are looking to create a bespoke exhibition or design a unique project we can build and procure exhibition structures, such as; plinths, display cases, shelving systems and exhibition walls, undertake decoration and finish, and organise the dismantling and disposal if necessary.

We have experience in the mounting and set up of projectors, flat screen TV’s, older TV box monitors, media players, analogue and digital appliances.

Bespoke cradles can be made or standard fixings used, along with solutions to hide cables from view.

We can provide technicians with museum experience.

The delicate moving and placement of curios, furnishings and artefacts.

We can deal with the variety of display cases in institutions and the appropriate moving and lifting equipment.

Vinyl lettering application and exhibition decoration.

Experienced with international couriers and the various methodologies they adhere to.

We understand that art can be a transformative agent; both architecturally and spiritually. On The Level can therefore facilitate the display of art in your commercial, residential or public space. We can curate work from a wide network of contemporary artists who provide art for sale, short or long term loan.

Although not On The Level’s core business, we are able to provide transport services with experienced drivers and art handlers.

For peace of mind we guarantee that all work will be secured, cushioned and tied off as a basic requirement.

We are also able to provide recommendation and expertise in a range of secondary services such as:

  • Art fabrication
  • Conservation of art
  • Framing services

On The Level’s pricing is highly competitive to others in the market. We offer quotations based on the unique specifications of the job and can offer further detail, guidance or advice about any service listed or otherwise. For more detail or to discuss your requirements with us please call, email or text and we will be happy to help.


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On The Level art hanging services is based in London but we work across the entire UK, Europe and further afield if required.

Our service specialises working across Greater London, North, South ,East and West, Central London and the City. Nowhere is out of reach.


Please call 07941 126 018 or email info@onthelevelarthangingservices.co.uk. You can also fill in the form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.